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Hunting and Estate Planning

For all my fellow hunters

Hunting and Estate Planning: This is not an article about how scary hunting is and how if you are heading out to the fields you better have an estate plan. Rather, this is just a reminder of how some times when we recenter and focus on what is really important in life, we find ourselves at peace with the world. 

Why I hunt.

I am still what some would consider a novice at hunting. I did not get started until I was well into my 30’s and only have a few years under my belt. As much of a newbie as I may be, I became instantly drawn to the hunt and the awareness of my primitive nature.

You see, hunting is not a sport to me. Rather, it is a spiritual reconnection with nature and my creator. It is a time for me to recenter, reflect on my past year, and to spend time with God and loved ones, without the busyness of life. During my time in a tree stand I share my ambitions with God, I pray about the future, I pray for my loved ones, and I ask for guidance in many aspects of my life. (Yes, I will also selfishly ask for an opportunity to harvest a deer, which my family will eat over the next year).

I leave my hunt feeling reenergized, refocused, and at peace with the world around me.

Why do you hunt?

Or, why do you not hunt? We all have our reasons, and so long as no one is disrespectful, I encourage comments. I presume for many it is a family tradition. I suspect for some, it is for similar reasons as my own. I also wonder what other reasons my friends have for hunting and encourage you to reply and sharing your thoughts on this topic.

Estate Planning…yes, I’m going there.

When I think about the time I spend in a tree stand and the amazing peace that comes from it, I cannot help but think about how better prepared I am to face the world after a hunting trip. I feel a similar sense of peace coming from clients after they are finished creating their wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents. So yes, hunting and estate planning may be more similar than you thought.

Whether it is from my younger families that have a sense of security knowing their minor children will be provided for and cared for by persons they respect and choose. Or, it is from my older clients who now realize the gifts they plan to leave will be protected and used in ways they envision. Or,  it is my risk averse clients that enjoy adding another layer of asset protection to their portfolios. Why do they feel this peace?


I suspect the peace of mind that both hunting and estate planning bring us is a natural and primitive sense of accomplishment. At the foundation of each is a responsible, proactive, need for providing for our families. We do not wait at the camp site hoping the hunting party returns with food, instead, we go get it. We selflessly think of others and how we can provide for them. We reflect on our past and our future, our successes and our failures. We anticipate changes and pray for opportunities. At the core of each, we are providers and take that role seriously. We do not sit idly by, we take action to protect and provide for our families.

We would love to hear your feedback on this article. If you are heading out for a hunt anytime soon, please stay safe and we wish you success. Regardless, if you are ready to take proactive steps to create your estate, you can contact us here

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