Estate Planning Process

Estate Planning at Welch Law is typically completed in three steps. The steps are designed to help our clients achieve peace of mind, without the need for a long drawn out process. 

Estate Planning


We guide our customers through a comprehensive consultation. During which, we explore their family history, their wants and desires, and then educate them on the various legal and non-legal tools we can implement to achieve those goals.

At the conclusion of our first meeting, we ask if you are ready to make a decision on how you would like to proceed. We have two estate planning packages that fit most of our clients' needs. Our individualized Trust Packages and Will Packages will accommodate most families. 

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Soon after the initial consultation we begin crafting your estate planning documents. During this step, we will build your wills, trusts, power of attorneys, and other legal document based on our conversation during the first meeting and you wants and desires. (Learn the Terminology)

While we are crafting your wills or trusts, we will keep you updated and set an appointment for our second meeting and the third step in our estate planning process.



Typically 1-2 weeks after our initial consultation, we meet for the second time. During this meeting you will sign all of the documents we prepared for you and we will provide advice on next steps you may want to take to complete your estate plan.

After all your estate planning documents are signed, we will prepare a copy of your documents and provide you with the originals. It is important to protect your documents and put them in a location where others can find them if they are ever needed.

While we conclude our representation at this time, we highly encourage our clients to call or contact us in the future if they ever have a question about their estate planning documents or if there is anything else we can help them with.

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