Business Law

Starting a business, but not sure where to start?

Should you form a LLC or a corporation?

Should you be manager or member managed?

What do the terms of this lease mean?

They said this was a standard contract, do I believe them?

Adding Welch Law to your advisory team helps you answer these questions and more.

Proactive planning and advice so you can focus on building your dream.

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Subscription Plans

Tired of trying to find the answer to your legal questions on the web?

Are you finding conflicting answers?

Or, are you simply at the point in your business where you no longer want to take chances?

Our subscription legal plans are designed for small business owners that are ready to add a lawyer to their advisory team. Leave the guess work to the amateurs and build confidence in your legal strategy.

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Estate Planning

Who will take care of my minor child(ren) if something happens to me?

Who will make medical decisions for me if I'm no longer capable?

Who will manage my affairs after I pass?

How can I protect my assets and family during life? And after?

These are some of the questions we help you answer during our three step estate planning process.

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Why Welch Law?

1. Team – Legal advice and protection is important, but when all the players are not on the same page, things get missed. Building a professional team around our clients is an important aspect of how we practice law. Meet Us.

2. Approachable – We believe that being comfortable in your own skin opens the door to amazing relationships and improves the free flow of ideas. Minimizing legalese, breaking down complex issues to bite sized chunks, and a relaxed atmosphere help make your experience enjoyable... yes, we said enjoyable.

3. Transparency – Transparency builds trust and trust strengthens a team. From our billing to our legal advice, we promise to be transparent so our clients always know where we stand.

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       Estate Planning

This Attorney is Lead Counsel Verified. Click here for more Information.

  Business Law