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Dedicated to helping our business and estate planning customers achieve peace of mind through approachable, team oriented, and affordable legal services. Located in St. Charles County, we help clients across the Greater St. Louis area and beyond.

Scott Welch
Scott M. Welch
Scott Welch Attorney
Scott Welch Lawyer
Estate Planning Lawyer
Business Lawyer
Estate Planning Attorney
Business Attorney
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O'Fallon Lawyer
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Lake St. Louis Lawyer
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Wentzville Lawyer
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St. Peters Lawyer
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Scott Welch

Owner & Attorney

Hi, I'm Scott Welch, its nice to meet you!

My job at Welch Law is to build and foster great relationships with our customers and outside partners who help them.

You thought I was going to say "give legal advice," didn't you?

Of course providing legal advice, creating legal documents, and building proactive legal strategies for clients is a major part of my job. The reason behind that work, however, is my passion for helping  my clients' maximize their potential and achieve their goals. As an estate planning lawyer and business lawyer, I have a front row seat to watching my clients reach their goals. It's awesome!

I am licensed to practice law in Missouri and Texas. I graduated from Texas Tech University School of Law (magna cum laude... Latin for "not too shabby"), have a B.A. in Philosophy, and two Associates degrees in Avionics and Instructor of Avionics. Prior to founding Welch Law, I served 13 years in the United States Air Force, 9 years as an enlisted B-1B Avionics Technician and 4 years as an officer; and I currently serve part time as an officer in the Missouri Air National Guard. My hobbies include hunting, fishing, gardening, political theory, and exploring local communities with my family.


Kelly L. Welch

Office Manager

Nice to meet you! I'm Kelly and I work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly at Welch Law.

I work alongside Scott and manage the day-to-day affairs of Welch Law. I organize our client files, improve our client experience by scheduling follow-up appointments and implementing client centric programs, and manage all the financials.

Some of my previous experiences include: financial manager in the United States Air Force, executive assistant, stay-at-home mom, and child care provider. I received my B.A. from Texas Tech University and I am a former certified personal trainer.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, playing with our four kiddos, and working out.


The Welch Tribe

Our Why

Grace, Julian, Gianna, and Cayden are a huge part of the Welch Law Team. While they may not work directly with clients (or indirectly, as I'm sure the state bar association would frown upon that) they are always in the background providing us with motivation to be better parents, providers, and stewards.

Do not be surprised if you have the opportunity to meet one, or more, of the "Welch Tribe" when you visit the office. Like many small business owners, we believe our children should have the opportunity to witness the hard work and dedication it takes to manage a business.

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