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Legal Plan - Established

Speak with a lawyer/team you know!

6 Quick Questions Per Month

10% Discount on Work We Do

2 Document Credits

Bi-Annual Check-In Call


Speak with a lawyer/team you know!

12 Quick Questions Per Month

15% Discount on Work We Do

4 Document Credits

Quarterly Check-In Call


Speak with a lawyer/team you know!

Unlimited Quick Questions

20% Discount on Work We Do

8 Document Credits

Monthly Check-In Call

A Year Commitment is Required For Each of the Plans

Is it time to add a lawyer to your advisory team? 

Welch Law makes it simple with three subscription legal plans designed to help our small business owners stay in contact with their legal team, helping them stay focused on their growth.

How do I know if a Legal Plan is right for my company?

Every business, and every business owner, eventually comes to a moment where they realize it is time to add a business attorney to their team. Some of our clients have that moment when they first start their company with us, while for others it occurs two to three years into their operations.

If past relationships are an indicator of when that "moment" occurs, we would say a legal plan is right for a company when it has determined it is (or will be) successful. While most companies want to be successful, those that are determined to be so do not want to take chances on their legal liabilities and want a legal partner.

Why does Welch Law offer Legal Plans?

Welch Law was formed on the premise that it takes a team to accomplish a mission. The traditional attorney-client relationship is one built around the billable hour, leaving little room for building relationships and honoring the service aspect of the legal profession. We created our legal plans to change this dynamic, enabling us to create more meaningful relationships with our clients.

Our subscription legal plans help you achieve peace of mind by giving you access to your legal team on a regular basis; without the fear of next months bill.

Want to learn more? Check out this short article on legal plans by Scott.


1. What are Document Credits? Document Credits count towards the purchase of standard legal documents prepared by Welch Law.  See examples of standard legal documents and the number of credits counted towards each below. If your particular document requires extensive research or drafting time, it may require additional credits and/or not qualify under the plan.

2. What are Quick Questions? Quick Questions are those questions that can be answered with little or no legal research by Welch Law.

3. What if I don't use the Document Credits this year? If you do not use your Document Credits in the year of your plan, you may roll over up to one years worth of credits (under your plan) to the next year. I.e. You have the Growing Plan with 4 Credits, you only use 1 Credit, you may roll over the remaining 3 Credits to the following year. If you do not use any Credits in the second year, you may roll over 4 Credits to the third year.

4. What if I need more work done and I run out of Document Credits? At this point you have two options. (1) Enroll in a more robust plan and pay a one time "catch up" fee, or (2) purchase the document and receive the discount applicable to your legal plan. Most of our services are provided on a flat fee, so you will typically know the cost up front to help you with your decision.

5. What are the Check In Calls? The Check In Calls are designed to help you stay on track of your business legal needs. During these calls we will answer basic questions, look at future goals, and brainstorm next steps from the legal side. These calls are 30-minute pre-scheduled calls.

Basic Document Credit Examples:

Single Member LLC Operating Agreement  2 Credits

Mulit-Member LLC Operating Agreement  4 Credits

Employee Handbook  4 Credits

Service Contract (Review or Drafted) 1-3 Credits

Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure Agreement 1-2 Credits

Employee/Sub-Contractor Agreement 2 Credits

Buy-Sell Agreement 4-5 Credits

Standard Document/Contract Review 1-3 Credits

Liability Waivers 2-3 Credits

Commercial Lease Review 1-2 Credits

Add Welch Law to Your Team!

Contact us to learn if your business can benefit from joining one of Welch Law's legal plans.